Digiland dl808w manual

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digiland dl808w manual

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digiland dl808w manual

Please check and try again. This is NOT abusive. I pressed this button by accident. It is offensive or harmful. It does not contain enough information. It contains or requests illegal information. It does not make sense. Consumer Electronics. Chemistry Engineering Mathematics Physics. Digiland windows tablet hard reset? How to fully reset tablet from uefi shell. Asked by: Isabel. Ads by Google. This site is best viewed while logged in. Top Solutions.

I chose the 6th option but also got stuck on the logo and that revolving circle. After trying different options I got it to factory reset. I have a digiland dlq tablet but have never had that problem but try this. Add your answer. Anonymous 0. Was this answer helpful? Yes No. This answer closely relates to:. Suggested Solutions 10 What's this?

Anonymous "Choose factory reset option. Here is what I did: 1. Press reset button. Hold down the up volume button and power button together.

A menu in English will show up 4. Choose restore option. Dead android with caution sign will appear. Hold down the up volume button and press and release power button.This tablet computer AKA Digiland 8-Inch Tablet is equipped with a very basic 2-megapixel main-camera as well as a 2-megapixel front-facing one, while it pushes mono audio through a single 1W speaker found on the rear panel of the device.

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Besides, it also seems to lack any assurance of quality, judging by the short day limited warranty. If you continue navigating on this site, we will consider that you accept this. All Categories Best tablet computers Description: This tablet computer AKA Digiland 8-Inch Tablet is equipped with a very basic 2-megapixel main-camera as well as a 2-megapixel front-facing one, while it pushes mono audio through a single 1W speaker found on the rear panel of the device.

Also known as: Digiland 8-Inch Tablet. More Digiland tablet computers See all the recent Digiland tablet computers. You Should Also Check Out:. We know you probably won't read this cookie disclaimer because they are all the same, but here it is: Yes, we use cookies and third parties like ad partners may use them too to show you personalized content.

Click here.Discussion in ' Other Brands ' started by rockhunterOct 29, Log in or Sign up. Messages: 98 Likes Received: 5 Trophy Points: I was at the local Best Buy Monday and they had a new 8 inch tablet on display that had a good looking IPS screen and factory installed Windows 10 including the new Office Mobile apps from Microsoft. So far it is proving to be good value in economy tablets sort of a volkswagon bug of tablets.

My previous experience with windows 8. When the 1 GB RAM tablets were upgraded to Win 10 they often had fewer problem but screen responsiveness still suffered. The DLW so far has better then average screen responsiveness and once Windows 10 updates were applied fewer OS hiccups. It has a mAH battery which is just a little less the Dell Venue 8 Pro but more then some of the other economy tablets, case is plastic and a little flexible.

I'll post a little more in a couple weeks but it looks like I may not be returning this one. Oddly I don't find the tablet in the Best Buy web site yet and virtually no mention or reviews on line?

Last edited: Oct 29, My opinion after a week of use, the DLW is a very good buy in economy tablets with some caveats. First it still seems a solid windows 10 tablet, touch screen responsive, only a couple minor hiccups in execution none which crashed the tablet or even required a hard shutdown and reboot, not sure if this is Windows 10 or very clean hardware integration with Windows I have only had 1 low ram warning with IE all week and it didn't go beyond a warning.

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The tablet is not a fast one but it runs everything I have tried on it no demanding games but video and web browsing and email light calculation activities have all run with respectable speed. Now the caveats. The screen surface is I am sure plastic and not super scratch resistant a screen protector is called for and fortunately there are some at Amazon the are cut for the DLW and DLW.

The factory warranty is apparently only 90 days which is less then I am used to with most other tablets although so far I haven't seen any need for warranty service. More later. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content.

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DigiLand Tablet User Manuals Download

No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?Try resetting the tablet by gently inserting a paperclip or any other small object into the reset hole located on the back of the tablet while simultaneously holding the power button for approximately 10 seconds.

If resetting the tablet does not work, try charging tablet. Leave the tablet charging overnight or until it is charged. Try to turn the device on again. Check to see if the tablet is making any sound.

digiland dl808w manual

If the table is making sound then it is turned on but has an issue with the screen display. If none of these issues resolve the problem, the motherboard may be faulty and need to be replaced.

DigiLand manuals

To replace the motherboard look at our motherboard replacement guide. If the battery is not charging, the charger cable may not be securely connected to the tablet or to the electrical outlet. Disconnect the cable from the tablet and reconnect it and then unplug the charger from the electrical outlet and reconnect it.

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If the battery still won't charge when plugged in, try plugging it into another electrical outlet because the electrical outlet being used may be bad. If none of the above suggestions solve the issues, check to make sure the charger is not faulty. If you have another charger try using it. If not you may need to replace the charger. If the device still would not charge, then the battery is probably faulty.

You will need to replace the battery in this case. If you are interested in fixing your device check out our. If your tablet will not connect to wi-fi, first go to settings and make sure the wi-fi is turned on. If it is turned on make sure you entered the correct network name and corresponding password. If the wi-fi is turned on and you are correctly entering the network and password and the tablet will still not connect to wi-fi, try resetting the tablet.

Gently insert a paper clip or any other small object into the reset hole located on the back of the table while simultaneously holding the power button for approximately 10 seconds. If you have access to the router, try disconnecting the router for 1 minute and then reconnecting it.

Then try to connect to the wi-fi. If the tablet is not producing any sound, start by turning the volume up by pressing the volume-up button on the side of the tablet. If using headphones, unplug the headphones and plug in another set of headphones. If the new set works, the problem was due to faulty headphones. If multiple headphones fail to produce any sound, unplug the headphones and see if the tablet will produce any sound when headphones are not being used.

If sound is produced, the headphone jack is probably faulty and should be replaced. If no sound can be produced by the tablet after trying the previous suggestions, the speaker in the tablet is faulty and should be replaced. To replace the speaker check out our speaker replacement guide. Warning: If you perform a factory reset, anything on your device that is not saved to google will be lost. If you forgot the password to unlock your tablet, you must perform a factory reset by following these steps:.

If you had your settings saved to a google account, your contacts and applications should start downloading. I tried to reset and i get the same screen everytime What's next? Fix Your Stuff. Edit Options History.

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DigiLand - 10.1" - Tablet - 32GB - With Keyboard - Black

Table of Contents. Page 2 Thanks For Purchasing Your Tablet This user manual has been specially designed to guide you through the functions and features of your device. Page 5: Buttons 1. Note: If the tablet is hanging, please use a small hardware to reset at the bottom upper right corner.

Page 6: Homepage Information Column 1. After selecting the Android input method, the default keyboard show as below:? Page 7: Reset 1. Tablet's web browser can connect to the Internet. Page 9: Downloads 3. Click download file to stop or delete the download contents Chapter Four: System setting Click here Setting to enter the system setting interface.

Page Display And Application Setting 4.

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Brightness The user can adjust brightness manually to get the lightness you want. Wallpaper Settings In the wallpaper setting, you can set up the wall paper and dynamic wallpaper; Time setting You can use automatic time from the network, to choose the time zone, to set specific date and time and display format in time setting.

Operation is subject to the following two conditions: 1 This device may not cause harmful interference, and 2 This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.

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Warning: Changes or modifications to this unit not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user's authority to operate the equipment. This manual is also suitable for: Dlq Dld. Print page 1 Print document 13 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account?


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